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The flexible solution to solid surfaces


Freeshield, as its name suggests, is standard Steelshield erected at either 3 or 2.4 metres but is not anchored to the ground. To prevent the fence from moving, ballast is used to hold the fence in place.

The ballast used is a 1 metre cubed container which is then filled with water. This is the equivalent of one ton and provides the anchorage.

These containers are evenly spaced around the inside of the fence and the result is a very strong and sturdy barrier.
This system is used successfully at the Edinburgh Hogmanay party to control the excessive crowds. 

It has also been used in a variety of other city centres. This fence is primarily used for areas where penetrating the ground is not possible. By using a combination of Freeshield and Steelshield virtually any site can be fenced quickly and securely.