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Timbershield Fence

The same high level security without comprimise.

Timbershield Clad's newest product is breaking the mould. 

Is traditional steelshield a bit industrial for your event? Timbershield could be the ideal choice for your event. Its ideal for corporate events, Guest or VIP areas, Backstage areas or coroprate sections of any event! 

The Hoard attaches to traditional steelshield, maintaining the no-gap standard and providing a complete visual barrier. The clad can be attached to the green 'outside', the grey 'inside' or Both! Gate options are avaliable as shown in the images above. 

If you have any questions about avaliability of our Timbershield, or would like to discuss wether it could be suitable for your event, please dont hesitate to get in touch using any of the details below.